Artificial Bay Tree 180cm high 50cm head diameter with Lavender in polystone planter

£410.00 inc. VAT

Price per one planter with tree.

The finest quality artificial Bay tree 180cm high 50cm head diameter in Black Polystone Flared Planter Height 60cm x Width 32cm  x Length 32cm or Polystone cube planter 40cm. The top of the planter is decorated with artificial Lavender. The tree is installed at the bottom of the planter, so the total height is 180cm. The tree is properly fixed inside the planter and cavities filled, so you receive a ready solution.

When ordering please let us know what kind of planters you like (cube or tapered). We recommend cubes as they are more stable during wind. Tapered planters with artificial trees are less stable and need to be positioned in sheltered spaces or will require fixing to withstand wind if placed outdoors.

Please contact us if you require different planters or don’t need flowers.  Composition without flowers £50 cheaper. The black fibreglass urn planter as on the last image (H 68cm, outer diameter 45cm) £190 extra each.