Please see our Brochure for some guideline prices. Prices quoted are subject to VAT, delivery and installation charges.

We work on bespoke projects requiring design work, custom made planters or unique planting scheme starting from as little as £4000 ex. VAT. We however would be happy to work on smaller projects should you provide us with your specification.

Our initial consultation and measurement service costs £150 within London area. During the consultation visit our designer will suggest you ideas for planters, planting and advise what will work best in your space.

Following the consultation you will receive our detailed quotation. If it is a small garden or a roof terrace with simple layout we can provide a quotation to do the landscaping works straight away. For bigger gardens and terraces with more elaborate requirements a garden design project may be required. Commissioning a design project will help you explore ideas, consider all important details and achieve the best results both visually and practically. Well designed garden is a wise investment that will increase the value of your property.

Our garden design fees start from £2000 for a small city garden.

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